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 We all have a vested interest in Upland and the good things it stands for.  I’m disgusted by the recent embarrassment brought upon our city.  Even in tough times Upland continues to provide the necessary services expected.  There is potential for more. 


As an attorney, licensed since 06/1999, I’ve gained experience in several fields.  I’m also a wife of 16 years and mother of 2 that attend Upland’s public schools.  I’ve served as volunteer arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau since 2004, have volunteered teaching  legal courses for COSH, and have been a community volunteer in Upland for youth sports organizations, Girl Scouts, and school.  I would welcome the opportunity to serve the people of Upland directly.  As an elected official I will listen and serve you.


My priorities:

-                     Exhausting resources – Resources need to be evaluated and allocated to provide the highest possible benefit to our citizens.

-                     Quality of life – It’s all tied together.  A community is its involved citizens, parks, youth activities, and functioning infrastructure.  We can start here by participating in local activities and businesses. 


I set very high standards for myself.  I am uncompromising in my ethics.  I am the addition needed.




I will devote my time to address issues that are important to you, from animal shelters to researching additional sources of funding, to recreational activities.  I understand that your vote for me is a conveyance of your trust.  I will honor that trust.